Behind the Beautiful Forevers

aside: to become better one must do; to improve my writing I must write..

3/4 view of book cover

I’ve just closed the book on Behind the Beautiful Forevers, by Katherine Boo. By way of background.. I was fortunate enough to attend the Rotman India Study Tour back in 2012, at the end of which each of the participants were given a gift from the organizer, that being a copy of the book. Sadly, it has taken me a little under 3 years to even pull the book off of my shelf, but that is another story.

Having just finished the book, it is a sobering reminder of the trip, and of how fortunate we all are here in North America, rather the modern world. By no stretch of the imagination am I a book reviewer, but recognizing that there is still a discomforting level of corruption of all levels of government, that there are people who literally make a living off of other people’s trash, and that there is a distinct level of entrepreneurism that can only manifest itself when the dynamics of supply and demand are driven by the supply of livelihood to the demand of living, is humbling. I would strongly recommend that anyone who wants to delve into a true account of how far people can push themselves — to provide for their family, to spite their neighbour, or to dream to escape — they pick up this book.


Behind the Beautiful Forevers

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