40 Years, 40 Days, 40 Nights

I turned 40 last week.  I hate the notion of being 40.  I keep thinking of “over the hill”.  But on the flipside, if 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30.  So I guess I’ve jumped into my DeLorean and traveled back 10 years by becoming 1 day older.  That’s plogic for you.

Anyhoo, time to get healthy again.  I will admit that the past year+ I have let my health go to shit.  This has been a rancid combination of destroying my shoulder in January 2015 trying to do handstand pushups, to the point where I can no longer do many over-the-head exercises, and leaving  my previous employer because my former boss is a vindictive self serving bitch who threw me under the bus for doing my job.  But, I digress.

When I did Paleo a few years back, the results were fantastic.  Caveat: I was also doing crossfit at the time.  For now, I am going to start in adjusting my diet.  A workout is useless if you end up eating crap.  So, after a weekend of drinking and eating whilst celebrating the new 30, I will now do the whole 40 and go on Paleo for 40 days and 4o nights.

Today is day 2.  Let’s see if I make it to day 3.

40 Years, 40 Days, 40 Nights

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