Mercury; offline reading.

With all of my at-home time, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff online.  One major challenge is picking up where I left off, or taking stuff offline to read elsewhere (e.g. on the streetcar to work).   Many browers have a Reader Mode which strips down a page to the bare essentials for easy consumption…  Currently to make this offlineish the workflow is:

  1. Switch to reader mode
  2. Print to PDF
  3. Export PDF to my BB Priv (Android) or iPad Mini (iOS)
  4. Read offline

Okay, that is very cumbersome.. Four steps, including an export and an import. And iOS is so crappy that the import is a daunting task.

I found out that Safari’s reader mode is based off of something called Readability.  I’ve never heard of Readability, but they are gone, replaced with Mercury.  This bears some more looking into.  Maybe an app that can slurp content via Mercury, and pump it to a datastore for consumption by other devices?  True, you’d need some cloud type stuff to sync stuff, but since I do this from home anyways, a one time wifi sync would be preferred to the hacking steps above to export to PDF, etc.

Mercury; offline reading.

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